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Upgrade your GoPro with EelVision accessories! From anti-fog inserts to color compensating dive filters and lanyards, our range of products are developed by GoPro users for GoPro users with high quality and at affordable prices! Read more about us here.

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GoPro Extend Battery Life

How to Extend your GoPro Battery Life

Here are 10 easy tips to extend the GoPro battery life – because we know there is nothing worse than running out of juice when you’re ready for action. All there is to do is to change a few settings and change slightly how the camera is used.   1. Update the GoPro firmware More […]


GoPro Anti Fog insert on a HERO3. Also compatible with the HERO3+ and HERO4

5 Tips to Prevent the GoPro from Fogging

Since the first GoPro models, fogging has been an issue. If it hasn’t ruined any of your videos yet, it will! What happens is that the camera and housing will absorb moisture from the air when left exposed. Once you seal the camera on the housing and start shooting, the heat produced by it makes […]


A GoPro snorkeling shot taken from the bottom using the time lapse function

GoPro for Snorkeling – Tips for Awesome Videos

GoPro’s are nowadays the most popular waterproof camera used for snorkeling, a huge technology leap forward from the disposable film cameras so popular as recently as 5 years ago. Combine the accessible price and the easy of use, it’s easy to understand why most people will invest on one for their next vacation trip. However, […]