About us

EelVision manufactures and distributes affordable high quality accessories for the GoPro© line of POV cameras, ranging from anti-fog inserts to color compensating dive filters and lanyards, our range of products are developed by GoPro© users for GoPro© users.We are centrally located in the US so shipping is a breeze to anywhere in the country and internationally. Our direct sales are fulfilled via Amazon.com for your convenience and security.


All our products are packaged on functional and minimalistic packaging. Differently from most manufacturers, we are not trying to sell you a flashy, cardboard filled package to be thrown in the garbage – what matters is inside. We keep it small, resource smart and whenever possible, reusable to store our products when they are not in use.

We proudly use and support 100% open source free software on our computers for all design and daily administrative tasks.

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