Since the first GoPro models, fogging has been an issue. If it hasn’t ruined any of your videos yet, it will!

What happens is that the camera and housing will absorb moisture from the air when left exposed. Once you seal the camera on the housing and start shooting, the heat produced by it makes that moisture to be released. This moisture will condense on the coldest surface inside the housing, which is the glass port right in front of the lens.


GoPro Fogging

GoPro Fogging – Moisture condensing inside the housing

Here are some tips on how to stop the GoPro from fogging:


1. Use Anti Fog Inserts

It may sound obvious and redundant to say thus, but the anti fog inserts are by far the best sure solution to prevent fogging on the GoPro.

You may have heard of “alternative” cheaper methods, involving sprays, air conditioners and female hygiene products. One thing is sure: they are not as efficient and may leave you disappointed.

Anti fog inserts cost next to nothing in the long run, considering that you can dry and reuse them ad infinitum: bake the anti-fog inserts at 300F (150°C) for 5 minutes to remove any moisture. Place 2 or 3 inside the housing (on the bottom and on the sides), check if they are pushed far enough down and you’re ready to go.


Anti Fog Inserts

Anti fog inserts – Absorbs moisture inside the housing


2. Store your camera inside the housing (or a sealed bag)

Unless it’s being charged or you’re using it outside of the housing, keep it stored inside a closed housing.

However, be careful storing it inside the housing for long periods of time: keep it out of the sun and check if the housing seal isn’t damaged. If you don’t plan to used you camera in the near future, place both, camera and open housing, inside a sealed container or a sealed bag. That will keep both dry and will not damage the housing seal.


3. If you use the camera without the housing, “dry it” before using inside the housing again

While out of the housing, the camera body collects lot of ambient moisture. Whenever you plan to use it again inside the housing, place it back with freshly baked dry anti-fog inserts and leave it there for a while, maybe a day. Replace them for other inserts once you’re ready to go.

That will basically help absorb most of the additional moisture the camera collected.


4. Don’t leave it in the sun

That will just make it hotter and hotter, releasing more and more moisture. If you’re not using the camera, tuck it away under the shade.

Leave it out of the sun, no matter how dry it is outside, the camera will heatup faster and can cause fogging

Leave it out of the sun, no matter how dry it is outside, the camera will heat up faster and can cause fogging


5. Avoid opening the housing outdoors

If you have a choice, only open the housing while indoors on a air conditioned area, where the air is dry. This will prevent the camera and the anti-fog inserts you are using from absorbing more moisture.

Inserts can be used up to 4-5 times (meaning that you may open the housing for a short duration up to 4-5 times) before having to be re-activated. Opening the housing in humid environments or for long periods of time will reduce the efficiency of the anti-fog inserts, as they absorb ambient moisture, and will therefore require you to re-activate them sooner.

If you’re using the GoPro under conditions that do not require it to be waterproof, the skeleton backdoor (the one with gaps) can be used to avoid fogging as it lets the camera temperature match the outdoor temperature.


Don’t forget!
Always double check if the anti-fog inserts are pushed in far enough into the housing. If not, they can block the housing seal and may let water leak – considering that you’re on water! Use a coin, card or even another insert to push them further and keep the seal line clear.





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