Compatible with the new GoPro© HERO4!
gopro hero3 red filter

Natural light is a combination of all colors in the visible spectrum. As water is a natural filter that absorbs most of the orange and red wavelengths, underwater imagery tends to have a blue and/or green tint, as the orange and red wavelengths reaching your camera are proportionally less intense than the blues and greens. As you go deeper, that effect is more and more noticeable, coupled with the loss of light in general.

EelVision filters act on balancing the color spectrum reaching your camera sensor by selectively absorbing some of the blue and green wavelengths and letting red and oranges pass through.


The more color compensation a filter does, the more overall light it is also blocking from reaching the sensor. Therefore, filters that are very aggressive in removing nearly all blue and green wavelengths, produce noisier and blurrier images, as the camera has to increase it’s light sensitivity to compensate for the light loss, at the cost of the image quality. The different tints on the EelVision filters absorb specific wavelengths to different degrees, attempting to strike a balance on satisfactory color compensation and minimum light loss.

gopro hero3 eelvision dive filter red magenta


Our most versatile filter! Recommended for blue and blue/green waters, for depths from 20 feet (6 meters) to 60 feet (18 meters). Can also be used in slightly green waters. Well balanced color compensation and little exposure loss (f-stop 2/3).

Suitable for green water as it’s more effective on absorbing the green wavelengths. Most effective depths from 20 feet (6 meters) to 60 feet (18 meters). Has an f-stop value of 1.

Most suitable for shallow water dives, free diving or snorkeling, for subjects up to 20’ (4 meters) deep. Provides subtle color compensation and minimal exposure loss (f-stop ½) so it can also be used on deeper blue and blue-green waters with less natural light and by those planning on post-editing color correction or with well diffused lights.

Installing and uninstalling EelVision filters does not require to remove any screws! Does not void warranty! Removing the lens screws to install filters constitutes a modification of the housing and voids the manufacturer’s warranty. It increases the chance of flooding your camera and leaves you uncovered.



Compatible with the GoPro© HERO4 and HERO3/3+ only. This filter will NOT fit on HERO2 and HERO1 housings.

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