gopro anti fog anti-fog fogging

Prevent your GoPro from fogging with our affordable reusable high-quality anti-fog inserts! Our GoPro anti fog alternative inserts are composed of a high content of silica and cellulose fiber for improved moisture absorbing performance to guarantee sharp clear images at a low cost! Compatible with all GoPro models: HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2 and the original HERO.


Bake the anti-fog inserts at 300F (150°C) for 5 minutes to remove any moisture. Place 3 inserts inside the housing, one on each side of the camera and one on the bottom.

Inserts can be used up to 4-5 times (meaning that you may open the housing for a short duration up to 4-5 times) before having to be re-activated. Opening the housing in humid environments or for long periods of time will reduce the efficiency of the anti-fog inserts, as they absorb ambient moisture, and will therefore require you to re-activate them sooner.


Anti Fog Inserts Compatibility

Fits all GoPro© HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2 and HERO1 housings as well as other camera and housing systems. For use on HERO3/3+ models.


– Read and follow instructions prior to use;
– We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund in case you decide to return the product;
– Verify that the anti-fog insert is not obstructing the o-ring seal when closing the housing;
– Keep inserts plastic packaging away from small children;
– Designed for use with GOPRO® products. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
– Price does not include camera, housing or any other accessories depicted in the pictures in this listing, other than inserts.
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