Don’t risk losing your GoPro© camera in the water or on a bike ride! Adhesive, magnetic, clamp mounts or “slippery hands” can fail and your camera can fall over, never to be found again!

GoSafe is a sturdy stainless steel GoPro lanyard / tether / leash to secure your GoPro© camera directly to virtually anything: helmet, bike, car, boat, motorcycle, snowboard, ski, kite, wakeboard, paddleboard, etc. It doesn’t require the housing or lens to be disassembled to be attached. GoSafe is made of rust resistant stainless steel and can be also used in any marine application and can also double as a wrist strap.

  • Easy to install: attaches to the standard thumb screw
  • Safe: can only be removed by manually unscrewing the thumb screw
  • Sturdy: stainless steel construction and soldered clamps, rust resistant
  • Versatile: can be used as a wrist strap or linked together to extend its length
  • Lightweight: weights less than 0.5 ounces (15 grams)

GoSafe GoPro Lanyard – How to use?

The GoSafe is attachable to the thumb screw included with all GoPro© camera housings. The loop goes around the screw side and is perfectly sized so it doesn’t come out on the thumb side.

First, loop the cord around what you would like to secure the camera to (i.e.: helmet, bike, car, boat, motorcycle, snowboard, skis, kite, etc.). Remove the thumb screw that attaches the camera to the mount and run it through the other loop and screw it back in to the housing. Attach the camera to the surface or mount.

The GoSafe can also be used as a wrist strap simply by running the thumb screw through both loops. Two or more units can be linked together to extend its length.


Double-looped, 1/16” thickness stainless steel tether cord. Requires to be attached to the standard thumb screw from any mounting attachment that is already provided with the housing. Thumb screw itself is NOT included with this item.

Length:         Available in 12” (30.5 cm) or 24″ (, measured from loop-end to loop-end

Gauge:         1/16”

Material:        Stainless steel cord, clear vinyl protective cover, soldered loop clamps

Compatible with all GoPro© camera housings and adapters/mounts, as it attaches to the standard thumb screw provided with all kits. Thumb screw is NOT included with this item, but it comes with all GoPro HERO models.


– Read and follow instructions prior to use;
– Keep plastic packaging away from small children;
– We are not associated with the GoPro© cameras brand, nor this item is a brand or a product of said company;
– Price does not include camera, housing or any other accessories depicted in the pictures in this listing, other than the lanyard / tether itself;
– The GoSafe has been tested to hold a load of 10 lb (4.5 kg), which is more than enough for the GoPro© camera and housing, that weight together only 5.9 oz (167 grams). The 1/16″ stainless cable is rated 96 lbs (43.5 kg)
– Designed for use with GOPRO® products. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
– Do not use near rotating machinery and any other conditions that may pose any harm to you, others or to property. By attaching this accessory to your camera and wrist, you agree to waive claims against EelVision and any of its agents, employees, officers, members, directors arising from the use of this product. We assume no liability for accidents, injury, loss or any other claim resulting or related to the use of this product and we may not be held liable of any incidental or consequential damages related or resulting in or from the use of this product. We offer a refund for the purchase price of the item in case you do not agree with these terms (not including return postage.)
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