gopro wrist mount

gopro wrist strap lanyard

Safely secure your GoPro© camera to your wrist when shooting in water and on other extreme sports with our GoPro wrist lanyard strap. Don’t risk losing your GoPro© camera in the water, slippery hands can fail and your camera can fall, never to be found again!

Ideal for watersports and surf videomaking!

How to install?

It’s simple! Does not require the housing or lens to be disassembled to be attached.Unscrew any attachment at the base of the camera, clip the metal hook onto the backdoor hinge and re-attach whatever mounting you are using.
As any other equipment, rinse with fresh water after use in salt water.


GoPro Wrist Lanyard Specifications

Wrist strap made with nylon and polyester, adjustable with velcro. Elastic tether is 7” long. Metal clip attaches to the GoPro backdoor hinge.

gopro wrist lanyard strap velcro

What’s in the package?

The package includes 1 (one) unit tenacious wrist lanyard with attachment clip compatible with the GoPro© HERO3, HERO2 and HERO housings. Does NOT include camera, mounts, grips, housing and any other accessories other than the previously stated.



– Read and follow instructions prior to use;
– Keep plastic packaging away from small children;
– Designed for use with GOPRO® products. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
– Price does not include camera, housing or any other accessories depicted in the pictures in this listing, other than the lanyard and wrist strap itself.
– Do not use near rotating machinery and any other conditions that may pose any harm to you, others or to property. By attaching this accessory to your camera and wrist, you agree to waive claims against EelVision and any of its agents, employees, officers, members, directors arising from the use of this product. We assume no liability for accidents, injury, loss or any other claim resulting or related to the use of this product and we may not be held liable of any incidental or consequential damages related or resulting in or from the use of this product. We offer a refund for the purchase price of the item in case you do not agree with these terms (not including return postage.)
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